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About Reservations & Hours &
Hida Beef Burger

Due to our small scale and limited facilities, we ask for your cooperation regarding a few items. Below is general information regarding reservations, hours of operation and the Hida Beef burger.


Reservations are accepted at all times except for lunch on Saturday, Sunday and holidays (including Takayama festival). Reservations are given priority on weekday lunch and dinner times as well as weekend and holiday dinner times.

Although the restaurant is not a reservation-only establishment, please understand that on weekends and during busy seasons, reservations are common and may lead to a long waiting list or prevent you from getting a table without one.

We take reservations by phone.

Please call 0577-36-4527

Hours of Operation

Lunch 11:00 - 14:30 (last order)

Dinner 17:30 - 20:00 (last order)

When the waiting list becomes exceptionally long (60-70 people), it may become difficult to accommodate all guests during the allotted hours of operation. In the past we have filled all possible lunch and dinner wait list spots within the first hour of operation. Also, on days where there are a high number of reservations, it may be difficult to serve any customers who arrive at the time of opening.

Hida Beef Burgers

Due to the scarcity of ingredients used and time needed for preparation, there can only be a limited number of Hida Beef burgers sold during any given day (~30-40). We do not accept reservations for the Hida Beef burgers, so it is therefore advised for those who intend to order the burger to either arrive or make a reservation at the time of opening. Please see above concerning the specifics of reservations. Finally, we do not accept take out orders of the Hida Beef burger.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support

Center4 Hamburgers

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